People - worth their weight in gold
People - worth their weight in gold

Professional and qualified personnel are strategically important asset of every successful company. All brilliant strategies and business plans are doomed to fail if there is not capable team to implement them. It is the goal of each employer to get the best and most talented specialists available, as such persons are worth their weight in gold.

Client oriented approach

Our activities are determined by our desire to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with a Client. We consider all individual requirements of the client, as well as a detailed study of all business processes, goals and objectives of the company in order to find specialists who satisfy the needs and demands of the company the most. 

Quality of services

Our team acquired professional experience working in the leading domestic and international companies. Our employees can solve personnel issues of any complexity and evaluate of how well a particular candidate will fit a company and whether this candidate will match the company values, as well as goals and objectives placed in front of him.


ARTE business group creates a confidential relationship with its Clients to protect any type of confidential and personal information.

Business transparency

ARTE business group guarantees diligent, fair and open performance of its obligations.
«Arte et humanitate, labore et scientia» —    Art and humanity, work and knowledge.

«Arte et humanitate, labore et scientia»
«Art and philanthropy, labor and knowledge»
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Staff accounting and Outstaffing

Experts of ARTE BG provide:

OUTSOURCING of HR administration

 setting up of HR Administration system

• HR Administration includes:

- managing documentation related to work relations (hiring and employment orders, changing position, vacation, termination, etc.; changes in the staffing table)
- organizing and managing the archives of employees (producing personal files)
- work hours tracking (producing of work time calculation table)
- vacation tracking (producing of orders and vacation schedules)
- producing of employee reports both for company management and external authorities (Unemployment Fund, Statistics Department)
- tracking of changes in local legislation related to HR Administration

• HR audit


• Outstaffing is a procedure of taking personnel out of the staff (your workers are officially registered as employees of ARTE BG)

Having assigned this work to our experts, you will be assured in proper and accurate managing of HR documentation and avoid any misunderstandings with the controlling authorities.